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Palm Pre - Click for larger imagePalm Pre 

Available; Released 2009-08-14; Palm OS ; N/A MB RAM; Screen N/A

[ Detailed Specs | My Pre Page | Buy from Amazon ]

Palm Centro 
Centro, 500p
Available; Released 2007-09-27; Palm OS Palm OS v5.4.9; 64 MB RAM; Screen Color; Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Life starts after five o'clock. That's why there's the Palm® Centro™ smartphone. Palm Centro gives you voice, text, IM, email and web,1 all in a phone that's a lot smaller than you think. It even has a touchscreen and a full keyboard, so you can say L8R to those tricky keys on your cell phone. Carry names and numbers, shoot photos and video, and meet up with friends.

The Palm Centro runs Palm Garnet OS v5.4.9. It has a 320 x 320 color touch screen, 64 MB available user memory, microSD card slot for up to 4 GB additional storage. It comes in Ruby (red) and Onyx (black). It is a dual-band CDMA2000 phone with high-speed EvDO data access.

It measures 4.22" (L) x 2.11" (W) x 0.73" (D) and weighs 4.2 oz. It has a 1.3 Mpx camera with 2x digital zoom and video capture capability. It also has Bluetooth v1.2 support. The battery is removable with a capacity of 1150mAH allowing for up to 3.5 hours of talk time or  up to 300 hours on standby.

Currently its only available from Sprint, but will be available on more carriers at the beginning of 2008.

[ Detailed Specs | My Centro Page | Buy from Amazon | Order from Palm ]

Palm Treo 755p 
Available; Released 2007-05-09; Palm OS PalmOS Garnet v5.4.9; 62.8 MB RAM; Screen 320x320 B&W; Bluetooth

Speed meets style.

The smartphone you love. The speed you demand.
The Palm® Treo™ 755P smartphone delivers everything you need in one go-anywhere, Palm OS® device. It combines a smarter phone with wireless email2, a built-in web browser,2 and rich media capabilities—all at blazing, broadband-like speeds.3

Be productive, even away from your desk. Work on important files with built-in support for native Microsoft® Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint®4 plus PDF documents. A full QWERTY keyboard and color touchscreen make composing email and surfing the web easy.2

Download some of the thousands of Palm OS® applications available.5 Or, relax and play your favorite music and videos right on your device. With this user-friendly solution in hand, you'll stay connected2 and productive on your terms.

[ Detailed Specs | My Treo 755p Page | Buy from Amazon ]

Palm Treo 680 
T680, 680, Nitro
Available; Released 2006-10-12; Palm OS Palm OS 5.4.9; 64 MB RAM; Screen 320 x 320 Color; Bluetooth

Say hello to the Palm® Treo™ 680 smartphone. It's your phone along with email, messaging, and web access2. Not to mention your contacts, calendar, photos, and songs. Sounds like a lot. And it is. But everything's so easy to learn that you'll actually use it, which makes it anything but a typical phone.

The same goes for design. Pick it up and you’ll notice a large color touchscreen and an easy-type keyboard. Since the Treo 680 is just the right size, you have the freedom to take it anywhere and still be connected to friends, work, and family3. Of course, there's also something called an "off" button, for when you don't want to be connected at all.

The Treo 680 comes in four distinct colors to allow you express yourself: Graphite, Crimson, Arctic, and Copper.

Treo 680 Features

The Treo 680 offers a number of enhanced features over its predecessor, the Treo 650. Here are some of the enhanced features along with information that was gleaned from the webinar and Q&A; session.

-- Added memory: The Treo 680 smartphone includes 64MB of user-available storage, nearly three times the memory of the original Treo 650 smartphone. Customers can add up to 2GB of storage with expansion cards for those large music or video files (sold separately);

-- Enhanced email and messaging: Exchange ActiveSync will now synchronize not only calendar and email, but contacts as well; SMS and MMS capabilities have been improved for a better user experience;

The Treo 680 includes Palm's new threaded Chat/Email application that is intuitive to use. It integrates SMS and Email into a single application and displays responses along with the original messages so that its easy to follow particular conversations.

In addition, Cingular customers will be able to use the Good Mobile Messaging product to receive true push-email.

-- Improved web browser: The Blazer 4.5 browser is superfast due to its smarter caching rules and includes alternate modes for viewing web pages optimized for the device or as a regular web page;

-- Enhanced multimedia: Customers can use the Treo 680 smartphone to stream music, play MP3s and manage and share photo albums; Pocket Tunes is pre-loaded on the Treo 680. This allows streaming audio and video content, such as streaming radio via live365.com, podcasts, etc.

-- Enhanced Call Management Features: Palm has enhanced their phone application to simplify in-call tasks, such as handling conference calls, call waiting, and turning on the speakerphone. Users can see images of all users in a conference. Phone numbers can be dialed directly from a web page or email address. Users can easily customize their "favorites" tab for contacts, websites, and applications. Preset SMS messages can automatically be sent to callers when you are busy.

The new Treo 680 phone application has the following tabs:

1. Dial Pad
2. Favorites
3. Main
4. Contacts
5. Call Log

-- Built-in dial-up networking (DUN) capabilities: Customers can use the new smartphone as a wireless modem via Bluetooth(R) wireless technology to connect to a compatible Bluetooth enabled laptop;

The EDGE protocol is used for this, offering speeds up to 3x faster than traditional dial-up access. While there are now faster data access protocols, EDGE was chosen because of its widespread coverage here in the U.S. and in over 115 countries worldwide as well as its lower cost to manufacture.

-- Microsoft Office Documents and PDF Files: Customers can view, edit and share Microsoft Word and Excel documents on their Treo 680 smartphones in addition to viewing full-featured Adobe PDF files and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations; The PDF viewer now supports graphics as well as text and preserves the layout.

-- Bluetooth 1.2: Customers can connect wirelessly to other Bluetooth enabled devices. The Treo 680 has improved car-kit and headset support, and support for multiple simultaneous Bluetooth connections.

-- Improved RF Sensitivity: Despite the internal antennae, the Treo 680 has improved RF sensitivity over the Treo 650. The internal antennae is also partially responsible for Palm moving the SD Card slot to the left-hand side of the device. That allowed the antennae to be placed right up against the top of the unit for better reception.

[ Detailed Specs | My Treo 680 Page | Buy from Amazon | Buy from Palm ]

Palm Treo 750v 
750v, Hollywood, Lennon
Available; Released 2006-09-12; Palm OS WM 2005 ( Pocket PC Phone Edition; 128 MB RAM; Screen 240 x 240 Color; Bluetooth

-- Powerful Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 with Palm enhancements;

-- Integrated SMS/MMS with chat view and dedicated inbox;

-- Mobile access to multiple business and personal email accounts;

-- 3G/UMTS network for fast data access;

-- 1.3-megapixel digital camera that also captures video;

-- Windows Media(R) Player 10 Mobile for music and video;

-- Built-in Bluetooth(R) wireless technology enhanced to support Bluetooth enabled stereo headsets;

-- Mini-SD expansion slot; and

-- 240x240 transflective (TFT) touch screen.

[ Detailed Specs | My Treo 750v Page | Buy from Amazon | Buy from Palm ]

Palm Treo 700w/700wx 
700w, 700wx, 700w/x, 700w/wx, Treo 670, Treo 670w, T700w
Available; Released 2006-01-04; Palm OS WM 2005 ( Pocket PC Phone Edition; 128 MB RAM; Screen 240 x 240 Color; Bluetooth

The Palm® Treo™ 700w (Verizon) and 700wx (Sprint) smartphones deliver everything you need without compromise. They combine a smarter phone with broadband-like speeds (2), wireless email (3), including Windows Mobile® Direct Push Technology (4), and rich-media capabilities, all in one—bringing Palm's world-class ease of use to the Windows Mobile platform.
  • All-in-one phone with email,
  • organizer and web browser (2)
  • Microsoft® Windows Mobile®
  • 5.0 with Palm enhancements
  • Fast downloads on EvDO networks (4)
  • 1.3 megapixel camera
  • Windows Media® Player 10
  • Comfortable form factor
  • Intuitive 5-way navigation for single-handed control
  • Integrated, backlit QWERTY keyboard
  • One-touch access to your most frequently used applications
  • 60MB of dedicated user storage
You can view and purchase the Palm Treo 700w (Verizon) and Treo 700wx (Sprint) from the Palm, Inc. Online Treo Store.


  • Windows Mobile® 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition Operating System
  • 128MB (60MB user accessible) non-volatile Memory
  • Intel® XScale™ 312MHz processor 
  • 240 x 240 color TFT touchscreen display, 16-bit over 65,000 colors
  • 800/1900MHz nationwide digital phone
  • CDMA2000 EvDO network—compatible with 1xRTT network
  • Bluetooth 1.2 wireless support
  • 1.3 megapixel camera with 1280x1024 resolution, automatic light balancing, 2x digital zoom, integrated self-portrait mirror, video capture
  • 2.5mm headset jack is stereo headset compatible—requires a stereo headset adapter2, for use with standard 3.5mm stereo headphones
  • Windows Media® Player 10 included on CD-ROM
  • Polyphonic MIDI, MP3, WAV & video ringtones
  • External ringer on/off switch w/ vibrate mode 
  • Full QWERTY key layout with backlighting, integrated number dial pad, keyguard feature
  • Support for MultiMediaCard, SD & SDIO cards
  • Removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, up to 5 hours talk time and more than 300 hours standby time Battery Multi-connector on device
  • USB sync cable
  • AC adapter (108-132 VAC/60Hz) 
  • 2.3" W x 4.4" H (excluding antenna) x 0.9" D 58mm W x 113mm H x 23mm D
  • 6.4 ounces / 180 grams
(2) Good Technology services sold separately.

(3) Within EvDO data wireless service coverage area only. Actual data speeds vary based on network capacity and application design. Compatible with 1xRTT network.

(4) Palm's independent field tests show that Treo 700wx smartphone can deliver speeds of between 400-600 kilobits per second.

(5) RAM is for program execution and not user-available memory; user-available memory is approximately 60MB flash memory.

[ Detailed Specs | My Treo 700w/700wx Page | Buy from Amazon | Buy from Palm ]

Palm Z22 
Zire 22, Z22
Available; Released 2005-10-12; Palm OS 5.4; 32 MB RAM; Screen 160x160 Color

The Palm Z22 is a great entry-level handheld with color screen (low-resolution 160x160) and 32 MB of memory. Initial retail price is only $99!

[ Detailed Specs | My Z22 Page | Buy from Amazon | Buy from Palm ]

Palm TX 
T|X, TTX, T|TX, Tungsten TX, Tungsten X, Tungsten XX
Available; Released 2005-10-12; Palm OS 5.4; 128 MB RAM; Screen 320x480 Color; Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® technology, this is the wireless device you've been waiting for. Browse the web and check email from your office, campus, or a home Wi-Fi network—and places like airports, cafes, and hotels1. Carry your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files2 and get more done anywhere. Web pages, presentations, spreadsheets, photos, and videos come to life on a large color screen that rotates from landscape to portrait mode. Have time to unwind? The Palm TX handheld even lets you listen to MP3s3 and read eBooks. It's anything but business as usual.

[ Detailed Specs | My Palm TX Page | Buy from Amazon | Buy from Palm ]

Samsung SCH-i539 
i539, SPH-i550, i550
Available; Released 2005-04-16; Palm OS 5.4.1; 32 MB RAM; Screen 324 x 352 Color; Bluetooth

Samsung has released the i539 Palm OS smartphone in China. It is very similar to the rumored i550 that was to be released in the U.S., but suddenly got scrapped. It is a very nice phone with the following specs:

  • Palm OS Garnet version 5.41
  • Motorola MX1 CPU
  • 32 MB RAM memory
  • 64 MB ROM for the OS and software
  • CMDA 1x (800MHz) radio
  • Clamshell form-factor with dual display (i.e. a flip phone)
  • 324 x 352 pixel, 2.3 inch, 65,000 color display
  • External OLED 128 x 96 pixel display
  • 1 Megapixel digital camera with LED flash
  • Secure Digital (SD) memory expansion slot
  • Voice recorder
  • External MP3 playback controls
  • Weighs 5.3 ounces (150g)

[ Detailed Specs | My SCH-i539 Page ]

palmOne Tungsten E2 
E2, T|E2
Available; Released 2005-04-13; Palm OS 5.4; 26 MB RAM; Screen 320 x 320 Color; Bluetooth

The palmOne Tungsten E2 is a PalmZone.net "Best Buy" for a mid-range PDA. It contains many great improvements over the previous Tungsten E, such as built-in Bluetooth, a brighter screen, more powerful memory, and 32 MB non-volatile memory. This type of memory survives a compete battery drain, so your data is always safe.

[ Detailed Specs | My Tungsten E2 Page | Buy from Amazon | Buy from palmOne ]

ITM Hagenuk S 200 
Available; Released 2005-03-10; Palm OS 5.4; 32 MB RAM; Screen 160 x 220 Color; Bluetooth

  • Palm OS® Garnet;
  • Bluetooth technology for communicating with headsets, car kits, computers and printers equipped with Bluetooth technology;
  • MP3 and MPEG4 for audio and video-capturing and playback;
  • 1.3 megapixel integrated camera for vibrant photos;
  • 32 MB RAM / 64 SDRAM flash memory;
  • 2.2-inch D-TFD 64K colors LCD screen;
  • SMS, MMS, WAP, email, Java support;
  • SD/MMC Card expansion; and
  • One-handed navigation five-way jog dial.

[ Detailed Specs | My Hagenuk S 200 Page ]

GSPDA Xplore M68 
Available; Released 2005-02-15; Palm OS 5.4; 32 MB RAM; Screen 160 x 220 Color; Bluetooth

  • Palm OS® Garnet (See the PalmZone.net Palm OS Garnet page)
  • Bluetooth technology for communicating with headsets, car kits, computers and printers equipped with Bluetooth technology;
  • MP3 and MPEG4 for audio and video-capturing and playback;
  • 1.3 megapixel integrated camera for vibrant photos;
  • 32 MB RAM / 64 SDRAM flash memory;
  • 2.2-inch D-TFD 64K colors LCD screen;
  • SMS, MMS, WAP, email, Java support;
  • SD/MMC Card expansion; and
  • One-handed navigation five-way jog dial.

[ Detailed Specs | My Xplore M68 Page | GSPDA M68 Product Page ]

PiTech Qool QDA-700 
QDA-700, QDA700
Available; Released 2005-01-25; Palm OS 5; 32 MB RAM; Screen 240 x 320 Color; Wi-Fi

The Qool QDA-700 is built on the Palm OS Garnet operating system. It is a tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900mhz) smartphone targeted at the consumer market. The Qool QDA-700 comes with rich multimedia features including a 1.3-megapixel camera, a high-resolution, 2.8-inch color display, 802.11 SDIO support, MP3 player and MEPG4 video capture and playback capabilities. It is actually the world's first Palm OS® smartphone to include a 1.3-megapixel camera. Read our article, Qool Labs Introduces the QDA-700 Palm OS Smartphone for more information.

[ Detailed Specs | My Qool QDA-700 Page | Qool Product Page ]

GSPDA Xplore M28 
GSL M28, Xplore M28, M28
Available; Released 2004-11-22; Palm OS 5.4; 32 MB RAM; Screen 176 x 220 Color

Based on Palm OS Garnet, the Xplore M28 boasts a built-in VGA camera with digital zoom, MP3 and MPEG4 support, 64 MB RAM / 32MB SDRAM Flash Internal Memory Card, high quality color 2.2 inch D-TFD 65K colors LCD screen, SMS / MMS / WAP / e-mail / Java support and up to 1GB of memory capacity with Secure Digital (SD) /Multimedia Card (MMC). In addition, the Xplore M28 features a sliding numeric keypad and one-handed navigation five-way jog dial to fit the natural habits of mobile phone users. The GSPDA Xplore M28 is available in the Far East. Read our article, GSPDA Xpore M28 Smartphone Announced for more information.

[ Detailed Specs | My Xplore M28 Page | GSPDA M28 Product Page ]

Sony CLIE VZ90 
Available; Released 2004-09-25; Palm OS 5.2.1; 40 MB RAM; Screen 480 x 320 Color; Wi-Fi

The Sony CLIE VZ90 has an interesting form-factor. It is a tablet disign. It is larger than the Sony CLIE UX50 and uses a slider design. This is not like the slider on the palmOne Tungsten T3, but rather a set of controls that slides out from underneath the display. It has a 480-by-320-pixel display, 3.8" diagonal; Palm Garnet (OS 5.2.1 Japanese version); 128 MHz Sony Handheld Engine 64 MB of RAM, 40 MB available to the user; 128 MB of ROM, 95 MB available to the user; Compact Flash II Slot (handles both memory cards and peripherals); Sony Memory Stick PRO slot; and built-in Wi-Fi (no Bluetooth). The Sony CLIE VZ90 is only available in Japan. Read our article Sony VZ90 Japan-Only Palm OS PDA for more information.

[ Detailed Specs | My VZ90 Page ]

GSPDA Xplore G88 
GSL Xplore G88, G88
Available; Released 2004-04-28; Palm OS 4.1.2; 16 MB RAM; Screen 160 x 240 Color

Following the successful Palm Powered Xplore G18 launched last year, the Palm Powered G88 is a full-featured smartphone that integrates traditional Palm OS PIM functionality and telephony features in a sleek and compact form factor. The Xplore G88 runs Palm OS 4.1.2 and features a built-in 320 x 240 digital camera with digital zoom; 16 MB RAM/16 MB ROM/22MB Flash Internal Memory Card; high quality color 2.2 inch D-TFD 65K colors LCD screen; and SMS / MMS / WAP / e-mail / Java support. It also features a slide hard numeric keypad and one-handed navigation 5-way jog dial to fit the natural habits of mobile phone users. Read our article, PalmSource and GSPDA Welcome New G88 Smartphone for more information.

[ Detailed Specs | My Xplore G88 Page | GSPDA G88 Product Page ]

AlphaSmart Dana Wireless 

Available; Released 2003-08-18; Palm OS 4.1.2; 16 MB RAM; Screen 160 x 560 Grayscale; Wi-Fi

The AlphaSmart Dana Wireless is a laptop alternative for students that runs Palm OS. It has a wide display and a full keyboard. The Dana Wireless features Wi-Fi (802.11) and infrared connectivity, two SD/MMC expansion slots, a rechargeable battery and a USB HotSync cable. Graffiti can also be used directly on the screen and a lot of bonus software is included. There is also a cheaper Dana (Original) version that excludes the Wi-Fi connectivity and has less memory.

[ Detailed Specs | My Dana Wireless Page | Dana-W Product Page ]

GSPDA Xplore G18 
GSL Xplore G18, G18, Zircon
Available; Released 2003-07-15; Palm OS 4.1; 16 MB RAM; Screen 160 x 240 Color

The Xplore G18 from Chinese manufacturer GSL is sold in Germany through Quelle, a large mailorder company. It is also available in the Far East. The Xplore G18 is a camera smartphone with Dual Band GPRS.

[ Detailed Specs | My Xplore G18 Page | GSPDA G18 Product Page ]

Aceeca Meazura MEZ1000 
Meazura, MEZ1000
Available; Released 2003-05-06; Palm OS 4.2; 16 MB RAM; Screen 0 x 0 Grayscale

The Meazura™ Rugged Digital Assistant (RDA) combines the flexibility of the Palm OS® with rugged durability. Built to IP67 standards, the Meazura™ RDA is completely resistant to dust ingress, and is the world's first waterproof (not just resistant) Palm Powered™ device. The Meazura™ RDA is the perfect solution for users that need powerful computing performance regardless of their working environment.

  • Operating System: Currently Palm OS® 4.1.2
  • Microprocessor: Currently 33MHz Motorola DragonBall-VZ
  • Memory: 16MB SDRAM, 4MB Flash (Expansion capable)
  • Display: 160 x 160 pixels, 4bit grayscale
  • Communications: USB, Serial and IrDA (wireless options available soon)
  • Expansion Slot: MZIO™ 68 pin - multi format support
  • Battery: 1900mAh Li-Ion
  • Dimensions: 169.5mm (L) x 94mm (W) x 35mm (H)
  • Weight: 430gm
  • Sealed to IP67 standards

[ Detailed Specs | My Meazura MEZ1000 Page | Meazura Product Page ]

Hunetec H500 

Available; Released 2003-03-20; Palm OS 5; 8 MB RAM; Screen 160 x 160 Grayscale; Bluetooth

  • Wireless E-mail and Message using ReFLEX™ Two way protocol
  • Fast New Arm9 Processor engine (150 MHz)
  • 65,000 color Display with Touch Screen (160 x 160 Pixel)
  • 33 QWERTY Keys and Navigation keys
  • Long battery life with Rechargeable Li-polymer Battery (1400 mAh)
  • SD / MMC Expansion Slot
  • Built-in Stereo Earphone and Microphone
  • Small Size and Light Weight for Portability
  • 16 MB Memory Capacity (E-mail data back-up into built-in Flash Memory)

[ Detailed Specs | My H500 Page | Hunetec H500 Product Page ]

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