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My Treo 750v Page  (29012 Views)

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Released: September 12th 2006
Alias: 750v, Hollywood, Lennon
Rated by: tim_palmzone

-- Powerful Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 with Palm enhancements;

-- Integrated SMS/MMS with chat view and dedicated inbox;

-- Mobile access to multiple business and personal email accounts;

-- 3G/UMTS network for fast data access;

-- 1.3-megapixel digital camera that also captures video;

-- Windows Media(R) Player 10 Mobile for music and video;

-- Built-in Bluetooth(R) wireless technology enhanced to support Bluetooth enabled stereo headsets;

-- Mini-SD expansion slot; and

-- 240x240 transflective (TFT) touch screen.

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The Treo 750v has the same Palm multi-connector as the Treo 650/Treo 700's and is the same size, so all cables, cases, etc. are comopatible. Shop for Treo 750v accessories in the Palm Online Store.

Migrating Data from Palm to Windows Mobile

Palm has posted a great article on how to migrate your data from Palm to Windows Mobile. Be sure to read this guide.

Migrating Palm Software to Windows Mobile

While there is no way to migrate a Palm OS application over to Windows Mobile, many of the Palm programs you are used to either have a WM version or there is analagous software by other companies. Please check out our Windows Mobile Essential Software Section for more details.

PalmZone.net Windows Mobile Content

Since the release of the initial Windows Mobile Treo, PalmZone.net has added Windows Mobile content to the site. At this time, we do not have plans to cover any Windows Mobile devices besides those from Palm, Inc., but who knows what the future holds.

So far we've added:

  • Windows Mobile News Topic to easily let you view all news related to Microsoft's OS. We even went back and categorized prior articles, mostly software announcements, that were previously published and applied to both Palm OS and Windows Mobile.
  • Windows Mobile Essential Software Section were added to highlight the best and most popular Windows Mobile software. Much of this software is analagous to popular Palm software and a fair number of applications are even available on both platforms. We expect to publish a guide in the future to help Palm OS users feel comfortable doing similar things on Windows Mobile smartphones.
  • PocketGear Windows Mobile Software Store where you can view, download trials, and buy thousands of software applications for Windows Mobile. This is an affiliate store and you can help support PalmZone.net by using it.
  • Palm Treo 700/750 Discussion Forum for sharing thoughts and ideas and asking questions regarding the new Windows Mobile Treo 750v.
  • Windows Mobile Links for all the popular Windows Mobile news and information sites.


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