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Palm Wi-Fi and Bluetooth guide home

How To Get Wireless Internet

In order to get wireless access you need any of the following combinations:

  • Smartphone - A mobile phone with built-in data access as well. Examples include the Tungsten W, Handspring Treo's, Samsung SPH-i500, Kyocera 7135, etc. See our Current Smartphone PDA Guide for all the details.
  • Connection to Mobile Phone - Any Palm with a cable or infrared connection to certain mobile phones - Dr. Salami's Wireless Palm pages is a comprehensive site on how to make this work. Cables for connecting your PDA (or computer for that matter) to just about any data-capable cell phone are available from TheSupplyNet. If you have an older device, then purchasing the Palm Mobile Internet Kit or upgrading to Palm OS 4.x may be a good idea too. This will give you web clipping applications like on the Palm i705, MultiMail e-mail, a WAP browser, SMS and some other goodies. Note that your phone will need to be data-enabled in order to do this.
  • Wi-Fi (802.11) and Bluetooth - There are certain PDA's that allow connection to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Access Points to provide internet connectivity - The palmOne Tungsten C has 802.11 and the palmOne Tungsten T-Series and Sony CLIE TG-50 both have built-in Bluetooth (see our Current Model PDA Guide for more details). In addition, there are cards available for any Palm with an SD slot to add this capability. Check out our Wi-Fi Guide and Bluetooth Guide for all the details.
  • Wireless Palm OS Device - Prior to the Smartphones above, Palm made some dedicated data devices, the Palm i705 and Palm VIIx/VII (see our All PDA Model PDA Guide for more details). These did not have voice capability nor did they have full internet access (TCP/IP). Instead they worked over a pager network from Palm.net, which is now defunct.
  • Wireless CDPD Modem - This is almost extinct, but certain older Palm's can add on a Novatel Wireless CDPD modem. The models supported are the Palm m5xx, Palm V/Vx, Handspring Visor, or Palm III-Series model. Service is from GoAmerica, AT&T; Wireless or other traditional phone carriers that support data service. More details are stored on our Wireless Modems page if you are still interested.
  • Handspring VisorPhone - This is almost extinct as well, but it is a Handspring module that gives you voice and wireless data capabilities.

Two new hot technologies for local wireless access are Wi-Fi (802.11) and Bluetooth. Wi-Fi provides a range of up to 300 ft at either 11 MB or 54 MB. Bluetooth covers only up to 30 ft at less than 1 MB.

Check out our Palm Wi-Fi Guide and Palm Bluetooth Guide for all the details.

For wireless and internet-related software, check out our Wireless Software Essentials section. It lists email and news software, web browsers, and chat/instant messaging software.

Wireless Discussion Forums

Check out our Wireless Discussion Forum for more information and tips on wireless topics.

Mobile Content

  • PdaMobileWeb - a comprehensive index of PDA-friendly websites. It contains categories for email, entertainment, finance, misc., news, PDA's, portals, reference, shopping, sports and travel.
  • PalmZone.net Mobile Channel - Use popular Palm offline web browsers, like Avantgo, Plucker, and iSiloX to read PalmZone.net news, participate in the forums, and vote in polls all from your handheld.

Sprint PCS Mobile Phone Guide

At the moment, our Sprint PCS Mobile Phone Guide is not PDA-related but it shows you how to use your Sprint PCS phone as a wireless modem for your PC, how to create your own free screensavers, and other tips.

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Published on: 2006-07-04 (85060 reads)
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