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Recommended Software Categories

· Documents, Readers & Databases(12) 
Document readers/editors, eBook readers, database applications, etc.
Popular eBooks (4)
    · Games(8) 
Palm games and other entertainment-related applications
· Memory Card Utilities & Launchers(17) 
Various memory card utilities, such as File Managers, backupprograms, and third-party launchers.
    · Multimedia Applications(11) 
MP3 players, image viewers, movie players, etc.
TV Remotes & Guides (3)
· Old Palm OS 4 Colorized Applications(5) 
Old Palm OS 4 greyscale applications colorized by PalmZone.net
    · Palm OS Extensions & Utilities(9) 
Palm OS Extensions (hacks and otherwise) and software utilities
OS 5 Utilities (5)Security (4)Treo Utilities (7)
· Palm OS Patches & Updates(34) 
OS updates and patches for Palm-compatible devices
Treo Updates (10)Zodiac Updates (5)
    · Personal Information Management (PIM)(13) 
Personal Information Management (PIM) applications, including enhanced calendars, task lists, time and expense tracking, etc.
· Sony CLIE(15) 
Device-Specific Software for Sony CLIE's
VG Skins (7)
    · Sprint PCS Phones(2) 
Software and screensavers for Sprint PCS Phones
ScreenSavers (3)
· User-Submitted Favorites(4) 
This category is for favorites submitted by PalmZone.net users and guests.
    · Windows Mobile(15) 
PalmZone.net's picks of essential software for Windows Mobile devices.
Windows Mobile Smartphone (5)WM Treo Patches (1)
· Wireless & Internet(23) 
Wireless and internet-related applications, such as web browsers, email software, instant messaging, etc.
Web Clipping Applications (2)
There are 224 downloads and 25 Categories in our database

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