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PalmZone.net Mobile Edition
Mobile version of PalmZone.net, Avantgo channel and other offline readers, RSS feeds

PalmZone.net Mobile Edition

PalmZone.net now senses your mobile browser and serves up a PDA-friendly version of all the content automatically.

If for some reason this is not working for you, please let us know and be sure to include the exact name of the browser you are using. You can check your browser version here.

PalmZone.net Avantgo Channel

PalmZone.net also offers an Avantgo Channel for viewing the site offline. This channel provides you with the last 10 news articles, last 10 forum topics, last 5 PDA's released, and a random survey you can take as well as review the results. It also has a contact form and a preview of some of the other PalmZone.net content.

Avantgo Channel PalmZone.net Avantgo Channel

There is also a full site index included in the channel so that if you are connected to the internet, then you can get full access to the entire site. Again, if there are problems, let us know.

If you prefer to view only the news and/or forum posts from PalmZone.net, you can easily add these as RSS channels:

PalmZone.net News Articles (RSS)

PalmZone.net Forum Posts (RSS)

iSiloX and Plucker Channels

The Avantgo Channel above works perfectly well with both iSiloX and Plucker, which are alternate freeware offline browsers. Just use http://www.palmzone.net as your starting URL. PalmZone.net will recognize those browsers and serve up the mobile version of the site.

If you are installing Plucker for the first time, install the Plucker Desktop first and then install the Plucker Viewer for your Palm second. This is because the Plucker Desktop install doesn't always contain the latest version of the viewer.

A nice feature of these programs that Avantgo doesn't handle, is that you can also add any additional individual pages you want to load from PalmZone.net. For example, you could add the My Handheld page for your device or any other page or group of pages you would like access to while offline.

PalmZone.net MobileWeb Site Index

PalmZone.net also maintains PdaMobileWeb.com, which is a comprehensive portal for PDA-friendly sites. It includes email, news, sports, weather, business directory and maps, shopping, PDA news sites, and more!

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Published on: 2006-07-04 (29118 reads)
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