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Hotsync, Lansync, & Infrared Tips

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Infrared Hotsync

  • Get the latest version of the Palm Hotsync software, which is version 4.x. There are also Hotsync updates available on Palm's Download site.
  • Only infrared sync after you have your regular serial cable or USB sync working and you have mastered Window's infrared setup. You need to eliminate as many variables as possible before attempting it.
  • If you have an old PalmOS Version (3.3 or earlier), then you will need to either upgrade your PalmOS to the latest version (if you have a flashable device -- III, IIIx, V, Vx). If not, then you can get some software from IBM to do this. It says it won't work if you don't have an IBM Workpad, but that's not true.
  • If you have Windows 95, then you'll want to download MS's Infrared Monitor. Newer versions of the OS (98, ME, 2000) have it built-in.
  • If you have Windows NT, then Microsoft doesn't support IR, but again IBM has some drivers for it. Check their ThinkPad support website.
  • If you have Windows 2000 or Windows XP and are having problems getting Infrared sync to work, here are some tips:
    * Make sure you have the latest version of Hotsync installed (at least version 4.0)
    * Double-click the "Wireless Link" icon from Windows Control Panel, click on the "Image Transfer" tab. Make sure that "Use Wireless Link to transfer images from a digital camera to your computer" is UNchecked. This is the main trick to get it to work.
    * Also, right-click on the Hotsync icon in your task tray. Make sure "Infrared" is checked.
    * Now you should be able to Hotsync via infrared just fine.
    * One other tip: If you have beam receive turned ON (from the "Prefs" app, "General" tab), then you can install files directly to your Palm from your W2K PC without performing a Hotsync. Once the PC recognizes the Palm, click on the Wireless Link icon in the task tray and select the file you want to install. NOTE: This may interfere with your IR Hotsync, so turn beam receive OFF if you aren't trying to install a file.

Network (LAN) Hotsync

  • If you are on a LAN (wireless or wired), you can place your Palm in a Hotsync cradle connected to any PC on the network and sync to your main computer through the network.
  • You need to have "Network Hotsync" checked on both your computer and the other one and you must Hotsync directly to your computer once first before trying over the network. This is because your Palm needs to be updated with the IP address of your main computer.
  • When you are ready to do the network Hotsync, go into "LANSync Preferences" and select the "LANSync" button instead of "Local Hotsync" button.

Wi-Fi Hotsync (TH55, etc.)

  • Check "Network" in Hotsync manager on desktop. You must have performed a regular Hotsync with the cable at least once before trying the network Hotsync.
  • Turn off PC Firewalls - Wi-Fi Hotsync will not work if the PC you are trying to sync with has a software firewall running. Windows XP defaults to running one on new wireless connections. What's more, it seems to sometimes revert to turning it back on from time to time. Go into the Connection Settings and turn OFF "Protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the internet"
  • Turn off Handheld PowerSave Mode - For some reason, the TH55 will not Hotsync with PowerSave Mode enabled. Go into the Advanced tab in the Network Prefs on the device and turn it OFF.
  • Set the Handheld Primary PC User - Once you successfully Hotsync, set the User Name in the Hotsync "Primary PC" settings to "!!" (without the quotes). This will tell Hotsync to use the IP address on the PC setup directly.
  • Set Handheld Hotsync to Modem - Also set the Modem Sync prefs from the menu to Network
  • Specify Conduits - A very nice feature of this Hotsync method is the ability to specify which conduits to sync via the Conduit Setup menu option. This allows you turn off things like Avantgo, SplashPhoto, DocsToGo, etc. if desired to reduce Hotsync time.

Bluetooth Hotsync

Bluetooth Hotsync is covered on our Bluetooth Info Page.

Automating your Hotsync

If you are looking to automate your Hotsync, then there are software products that can help with this from Boxwave.

InstaSync Standard automatically starts a HotSync when you plug your Palm into a cable or cradle. InstaSync Standard is $7.95.

InstaSync Pro lets you schedule a HotSync at specific times during the day, or at various intervals as well as automatically when you plug your Palm into a cable or cradle. InstaSync Pro is $15.95.

How to Uninstall and Reinstall Palm Desktop

Metacon has documented all of the steps to uninstall and reinstall the Palm Desktop when you run into any major problems. These steps are based on Palm Tech Support guidance.

If you have trouble with the Palm Desktop uninstall itself from the Windows Control Panel, then you can delete the whole /Program Files/Palm folder (after backing it up, of course). Then follow the instructions to remove the Palm Desktop/Hotsync Windows Registry entries per the instructions.

You can read the Metacon Palm Desktop Uninstall & Reinstall Instructions here.

Also, you may want to try searching your PC for *palm* which will really find everything Palm-related. There will be some search results from third-party applications in this list, though, so be careful about what you delete.

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Published on: 2006-07-04 (99012 reads)
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