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Screen & Styli Tips

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Get a Good Stylus

If you are a heavy writer or frequently let kids or other people use your Palm, getting a good stylus is a must!

  • Boxwave makes the Styra, a replacement styli for Palm PDA's that integrates a ball-point pen.
  • PDAPanache styli are great. They make replacement styli for many different PDA's.

Use a Screen Protector

Getting a good screen protector is also a very good idea! Replacing a Palm screen typically costs over $125.

  • Boxwave makes the ClearTouch, which is a blend of anti-glare and optical clarity. They also make the ClearTouch Crystal, which provides 99% visual transparency. You only get from 1 to 3 in a package, but they are washable and reusable and last for a long time.
  • JavoEdge Screen Protectors are similar to the regular ClearTouch's above.
  • Brando screen protectors are also very popular and are similar to the above two brands.
  • The Fellowes' WriteRights are the most common in retail stores. Make sure you get the ones specifically for your device, though. Keep in mind that the Tungsten T3 can use the Sony NR70 series protectors. Color devices require ones that are perfectly clear - do not use ones intended for grayscale devices as they are typically textured and will distort the colors. Buy them from CompUSA or another retailer, though, because they are cheaper than from Fellowes' own website.
  • The Companion Link screen protectors are real similar to the WriteRights and are available from Amazon.com
  • You can get screen protectors dirt cheap from freescreenprotectors.com by using the coupon code "freesp". You pay only shipping of $6.95 and no tax. However, these are not very good protectors. You get what you pay for.

Touch Screen (Digitizer) Problems

From time to time its possible that your touch screen may seem like its having problems recognizing your screen taps. If it acts like you are tapping in the wrong spot on the screen, then your touch screen (Digitizer) needs to be recalibrated. Do this by going into the Prefs application and selecting the "Digitizer" panel. When prompted, tap exactly on the center of the bullseyes that appear.

If this happens frequently, then there is a problem with your digitizer and you should probably get it repaired.

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Published on: 2006-07-04 (40271 reads)
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