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How do I contact PalmZone.net?

If you have a question related to Palm's, software, wireless, etc., please post your question in our Discussion Forums.

If you have comments or suggestions on any article, poll, etc., please use that feature's ability to accept comments. That way others will see your opinion as well.

If you have a question or suggestion regarding the website itself and are a registered user, please use our Feedback form. If you are not registered or are having trouble logging in, please send an email to [email protected].

If you would like to submit a news story, please use our Submit News form. To reduce SPAM, you must be a registered user to submit news articles.

If you need to contact any of our editors, please send an e-mail to:

· [email protected] (Site Owner, Chief Editor, and main contact)
· [email protected] (Senior Editor)
· [email protected] (Content Editor)
· [email protected] (Content Editor)
· [email protected] (Content Editor)

Further, you can recommend us to a friend using our Referral form.

What is PalmZone.net and Who Runs It?

PalmZone.net is a site dedicated to publishing useful news and information about Palm-Powered handhelds from all device manufacturers. It is a community-based site where users and casual readers alike are encouraged to participate in discussions and surveys, comment and rate articles, and submit news, software, Palm links, etc.

PalmZone.net is owned and run by Tim Nicholson (tim_palmzone). Tim is a computer consultant by day and avid Palm enthusiast. He also loves motorcycles and hockey. If you like more information about Tim and his family, see his personal Nicholson/Sullivan website.

Sijpie (pronounced saypee) was the administrator of PalmVenue until the merger with PalmZone. During the day he's involved with drilling for oil in Europe, Asia and Africa, the rest of his time is wasted on playing solitaire on his T3.
The site also has Eric and Anthony as editors, publishing news and articles and assisting with maintenance of other site content. Eric and Anthony are both students.

Dave, more famously known as HelloNNNewman in our discussion forums, is by day a sales/marketing manager for a company that sets up cities, schools, private businesses, and websites with credit card processing services (you can even use Palm/Windows devices too!).

If you are interested in becoming an editor at PalmZone.net, please contact [email protected] with your experience and interests.

If you would like to simply post a news item, article, or review, please feel free to submit it using the Submit News link on the site.

PalmZone.net Member/Registration Information

PalmZone.net provides acess to most of its features to all users of the site without requiring registration. However, to help avoid SPAM, some of the features do require registration, such as being able to post in the forums and comment on articles. Registration is completely free.  Once registered, you can also change the look and feel of the site (using themes), creating a custom user menu for yourself, etc.

Currently, the way to support PalmZone.net is by purchasing products from our partner affiliate programs listed in the following section. Thanks!

How can I support PalmZone.net?

PalmZone.net is a completely non-profit site. However, funds are needed to host and maintain the site. We have partnered with only the best companies that our readers are already purchasing from. By clicking through from our site you still the get the best products for the same great prices and also help support us.

We have affiliate relationships with all of the following companies. You can buy ANY merchandise from any of these companies, whether it is Palm-related or not.

PDA's, Accessories, and Software
Thanks for your support!

How can I advertise on PalmZone.net?

We are currently using the affiliate programs listed above for advertising, but we are certainly open to other advertising offers. We are very committed to only advertising products and services that we believe are of direct interest to Palm users and of the absolute highest quality. In other words, if we wouldn't use it ourselves, we won't advertise it.

PalmZone.net has the capability to sell any number of impressions of your ad and send you automated reports with your results.

Please contact [email protected] directly for any advertising-related inquiries.

How Can I Syndicate your News and Forum Posts?

Go to our Syndication Feeds page for more information, including the URL's you need.

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