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My Tungsten T3 Page  (82504 Views)

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Released: October 1st 2003
Alias: Tungsten-T3, TT3, T|T3, T3
Rated by: tim_palmzone

The palmOne Tungsten T3 is the top-of-the-line Tungsten with 64 MB RAM, blazing fast 400 MHz Intel xscale processor, and best of all a high-res 320x480 stretched display. This screen is the same exact size as the Sony NX-Series and also includes a virtual Graffiti area. Better than the Sony's however, it allows for use in either portrait or landscape mode. The T3 measures 4.3" x 3" x 0.66" when closed. When open it extends to 4.8". It weights 5.5 oz.

The T3 also includes enhanced PIM applications, which include colorized categories in Calendar, more fields that match Outlook in Contacts, repeating Tasks with alarms, and more. It also comes with the new version of DocsToGo that lets you edit native Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

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Replace Graffiti2 with original Graffiti1

Check out Zan's Palm Stuff page for files needed to replace Graffiti 2 on your T3 with the original Graffiti 1. Be very, very careful to follow the installation instructions because if you don't install the files in the right order it will crash your T3. Another, safer and somewhat more legitimate way, is to purchase Jot from CIC. These are the folks that licenced Graffiti 2 to Palm and their product still supports Graffiti 1 as well! Its a bit pricey, so consider the bundle of Jot and WordComplete for a few bucks more. WordComplete suggests words based on the letters you've started to enter and lets you pick one from a list. This greatly speeds up data entry on your Palm.

Dynamic Input Area (DIA) Skins

You can install individual skins to your T3. It is recommended that you first install them to an SD card and then move them into RAM using a program like FileZ or FileProg (both free). There are some quirks with doing this, though, and so a couple of innovative developers have written programs to make it easy for anyone to manager their skins.
  • F3 T3AgendaBG - Lets you manage all of your T3 DIA skins and also lets you manage Calendar Agenda View backgrounds. This app is donation-ware.
  • SkinDIA - Lets you manage all of your T3 DIA skins. Also lets you install T3 skins onto a T5. This app is shareware. The cost is $8.
There are many places to get T3 DIA Skins. We have highlighted some of our favorites here and provided links to these sites.
  • Aeroplayer skinner, Velo, created the very first T3 Virtual Graffiti (known as Dynamic Input Area or DIA) skin called Alubreeze. This matches his Aeroplayer skin of the same name which is like a brushed brown metal. There is also a Calendar agenda view background that matches.
  • The Poulidor VG Skin from Mythomania Factory is the second skin to be released and is quite nice. It has been released as freeware. Its a brown and gray background with blue and red buttons. Its a very nice look. Mythomania Factory has several Sony skins that will likely be ported over to the T3. These are likely to cost $5 but based on the quality look to be worth it.
  • "Velo" has also created a nice SilverBlue skin, Yellow Revival (Yellow and Black), Blue Revival, and Red Revival skins. View all of Velo's DIA skins here. Be sure to check out the color DIA launcher icons she has posted there as well.
  • "The Rock" has created a ZenBlue skin that is mostly grey with some blue accents. He also has a similar one with Orange accents for Sony that he will be converting over to T3 format soon.
  • You can also create your own DIA skins with the T3 DIA Skin Maker from Festus. There are over 200 hundred icons that can be changed to make a skin.
  • There are tons of T3 Skins in our PalmZone.net Software Store powered by PalmGear as well.

Calendar Agenda View Backgrounds

You can change the background of the Calendar Agenda View on the T3 using special software.
  • F3 T3AgendaBG - This program lets you switch between different Agenda view backgrounds in the built-in Palm Calendar app. This is nice by itself, but even better when combined with a DIA skin. The web page is in German, but the above link translates it to English. The program itself supports both English and German and works great.
There some places to get ready-made Agenda backgrounds, but the best way is to make your own from your own pictures and images!
  • The author, Thomas Dornscheidt from Forum330.de, has also posted information on how to make your own Agenda backgrounds. PalmZone.net has translated the above to English and the original German version is here.
  • There is now a great Agenda background utility on the web to create Agenda backgrounds automatically, simply by uploading your favorite picture. It even creates full 65K color images for the best quality possible. It also lets you whiten the image to make it fade into the background more than the original image.

Tungsten T3 Tips

More Tips
  • General Tips - General Palm-related tips, such as shortcuts for adding items, etc.
  • Screen Tips - Recommendations on screen protectors and styli and instructions on how to solve common screen problems.
  • Memory Card Tips - Palm memory and storage cards tips as well as 3rd-party memory card applications.
  • Power Management Tips - Battery life and charging tips as well as tips on conserving battery power.

Tungsten T1, T2, T3 Battery Comparison

Larry Garfield has performed battery-drain tests for the entire Tungsten line and has posted his results. In his tests the T2 is better than the T1 and both are better than the T3. The T3 test, however, was done prior to the above performance patch being available so its possible that the T3 may fare better when patched. The reviews are here: T1 review, T2 review, T3 review.

Tungsten T3 Accessories

More T3 Information & Discussions


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