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Memory Card Benchmarks

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The following tests were run using the VFSMark benchmarking tool. This tool compares speeds of various cards compared to a palmOne m500 using a 16 MB SD card. The SD card tests below were run on a Tungsten T3 and the Memory Stick cards were run on a TH55.

Disclaimer: These tests are for illustrative purposes only. They are not meant to be scientific in that the cards I used varied by manufacturer, size, and amount of data on them.

Read more about PalmZone.net Memory Card Tips here.

Secure Digital (SD) Cards

VFSMark Results Lexar 256MB SD
Mfr Panasonic, 210MB Used
File Create: 409%
File Delete: 299%
File Write: 130%
File Read: 725%
File Seek: 1072%
DB Export: 216%
DB Import: 847%
Record Access: 738%
Resource Access: 685%
VFSMark: 569

VFSMark Results PNY 128MB #2
Mfr Toshiba, 13MB Used
File Create: 36%
File Delete: 20%
File Write: 10%
File Read: 725%
File Seek: 1311%
DB Export: 21%
DB Import: 1156%
Record Access: 738%
Resource Access: 724%
VFSMark: 526

VFSMark Results 64MB Sandisk
Mfr Sandisk, 45MB Used
File Create: 296%
File Delete: 200%
File Write: 99%
File Read: 493%
File Seek: 393%
DB Export: 137%
DB Import: 358%
Record Access: 402%
Resource Access: 352%
VFSMark: 303

VFSMark Results Sandisk 32MB MMC
Mfr Sandisk, Empty
File Create: 157%
File Delete: 86%
File Write: 45%
File Read: 152%
File Seek: 536%
DB Export: 77%
DB Import: 454%
Record Access: 304%
Resource Access: 300%
VFSMark: 234

Sony Memory Sticks

VFSMark Results Sandisk 512MB Memory Stick
1/2 full

File Create: 220%
File Delete: 148%
File Write: 66%
File Read: 509%
File Seek: 302%
DB Export: 182%
DB Import: 316%
Record Access: 332%
Resource Access: 384%

VFSMark: 273

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Published on: 2006-07-04 (21541 reads)
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