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PalmZone.net Wants YOU to Take Over or Purchase the Site!
Posted by tim_palmzone on Sat, Jul 10, 2010 (1331 reads)

We don't have time to maintain the site anymore with our full-time day job and our XtremelySocial.com website and Facebook applications. We'd be happy to let someone take over the site in terms of publishing articles and updating content. Or if someone wants to the purchase the site, we'd be happy to sell it as well. Please contact webmaster at palmzone dot net if you are interested or know someone who might be.

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Scheduled Site Maintenance 6/11 1a to 3a CDT
Posted by tim_palmzone on Fri, Jun 11, 2010 (1505 reads)

Our webserver has scheduled downtime for maintenance this evening from 1:00 AM CDT to 3:00 AM CDT. It actually may take less time than that, but our hosting company is trying to play it safe. This will effect all our services, including XtremelySocial.com, PalmZone.net, PDAMobileWeb.com, and our Facebook applications (My Info, My Greetings, and My Status.
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PalmZone.net Forums Now Open to all Registered Users
Posted by tim_palmzone on Sun, Nov 15, 2009 (4831 reads)

The PalmZone.net forums are now back up and running for registered users. Feel free to post new topics and reply to posts as you previously were able to. We have implemented methods to prevent automated SPAM from spambots.
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PalmZone.net Forums Now Read-Only Due to SPAM! - UPDATE:NOW FIXED
Posted by tim_palmzone on Fri, Nov 06, 2009 (4915 reads)

This is truly a sad day, but the SPAM in our forums has gotten so out of control that we have set all of the forums to read-only mode. You can still search and view all topics and posts, but you won't be able to submit or reply to posts.

For now, all EXISTING registered users are still able to post comments on news articles and in the PDA Guides. All new site members will have their comments moderated until we feel they should be allowed to comment without moderation.

We will be looking into ways that we can combat this SPAM and hope to be able to bring the forums back online for all registered users in the future.

<b>UPDATE: THIS IS NOW FIXED! Spammers have been banned and new anti-spam measures have been put in place. See the article PalmZone.net Forums Now Open to all Registered Users.</b>
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PdaMobileWeb.Com New Links Added
Posted by tim_palmzone on Fri, Sep 12, 2008 (9861 reads)

We have added many new, interesting links to our PdaMobileWeb.com mobile link directory. Sites inlcude mobile versions of some long-standing publications like Cosmo and Sports Illustrated and several new mobile-optimized websites for email, looking up drink recipes, and participating in the social networking craze.
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PalmZone.net Back Up and Running
Posted by tim_palmzone on Wed, Jun 25, 2008 (10417 reads)

PalmZone.net exceeded its hosting plan while I was out of the country on vacation! I finally was able to get a new, dedicated server up and running and the site migrated over.
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What Should We Do With PalmZone.net?
Posted by tim_palmzone on Thu, Jan 24, 2008 (4761 reads)

We here at PalmZone.net were just wondering whether we should leave the site alone, rename it with a fancy new "dot com" domain such as PalmThoughts.com or totally expand the content to cover non-Palm Windows Mobile devices and maybe even RIM Blackberry devices and/or the new iPhone.
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New PdaMobileWeb Content Added
Posted by tim_palmzone on Sat, Oct 27, 2007 (5234 reads)

PalmZone.net has added 10 new mobile web sites to our PdaMobileWeb.com recently. Highlights include MySpace mobile, Earthcomber, NHL Mobile, and Palm / WinMobile freeware sites.
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PalmZone.net Server Migration 11/6/06 10p - 12a CT
Posted by tim_palmzone on Mon, Nov 06, 2006 (1885 reads)

PalmZone.net and pdamobileweb.com will be down from 10 pm to 12 am Central Time on November 6th, 2006 to migrate to a new server. We want to thank all of our readers for their support over the years. We also take a trip down memory lane, highlighting some of the major history of the evolution of PalmZone.net. Update: The server migration was completed successfully. All seems to be in order, but if you notice anything amiss, please let us know right away. Thanks!
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Palm Store Fall Sale - 10% Off ALL Accessories
Posted by tim_palmzone on Tue, Oct 24, 2006 (2803 reads)

We are running a Fall sale in conjunction with Palm, Inc. via our Palm online affiliate store. Save 10% off ALL accessories. This includes absolutely every accessory for ALL Palm PDA's and Smartphones. This offer extends through 11/10/06.
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