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My TH55 Page  (72080 Views)

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Released: February 14th 2004
Alias: TH55/U
Rated by: tim_palmzone

Sony has finally released a device with a 320x480 screen that is a standard form-factor, not a clamshell. This new TH55 also has Wi-Fi and a camera built in! It also includes some interesting new PIM software.

The TH55 runs Palm OS 5.2 (see the PalmZone.net Palm OS 5 page for more details) and has a high res+ 320 x 480 65k color screen. It comes with 32 MB of RAM (all of it usable, so they must have separate RAM for the OS to use) and a Memory Stick PRO slot. The processor is the same one that Sony developed for the UX50, which varies its processing speed up to 125 MHz depending on the task at hand.

The device itself is 3" x 4.9" x .53", but the integrated flip cover adds a bit to the thickness. It weighs 5.8 oz plus the weight of the flip cover.

The front of the device has a row of small application buttons, but the navigation controls are on the back of the device. There is a jog dial plus left and right arrows and a back button, but Sony has moved the controls to the top part of the back of the unit. The addition of the extra buttons is nice, but the location seems a bit odd. We'll have to see how users respond to the new location.

There will be some new software included with this device to integrate the various PIM applications together and allow graphic images to be inserted in calendar events, etc. Sony is also including DocsToGo Pro v.6 free when you register your device on their website.

Read the full Review of the Sony TH55 as compared to the palmOne Tungsten T3 here.

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TH55 Patches & Updates

  • Intellisync Lite Update - Sony has fixed the issue with past appointments not synchronizing with Outlook.
  • CLIE Organizer Update - This fixes the issue with alarms locking up the device and draining the battery. It also forces the to-do list at the bottom of the Datebook screen to honor the font and completed to-do's settings from the To-Do application.
  • Wi-Fi Update that improves performance and reliability when connecting to certain wireless access points.
  • Sony CLIE Image Converter Update
  • Sony's TH55 Support page is here where you can check for updates. Click on "Drivers and Updates".

TH55 Software

  • Sony CLIE Install CD Drivers - These are the drivers for USB and SCSI from the install CD.
  • Sony CLIE Data Export - This is the software for using your CLIE like a virtual drive.
  • CLIE Organizer Duplicate Alarm Fix is a program that fixes the issue where you receive duplicate alarms from both CO and the built-in Palm Datebook application. This program lets you select which alarm you want to receive and supresses the other one.
  • DefaultCapture is a useful utility for all CLIE's with a camera "capture" button. It can assign various functions and programs to this button when the camera lens is closed. It is very useful to assign the Back button to a short press and Power On/Off to a long press.
  • THeUtil (also known as THe Go! Go!) is a great little application that lets you use the capture button as an on/off/back switch (as above), but also lets you remap the 4th hardare button, have the voice record button run a Hotsync, and give you a warning tone if the camera lens is left open. This program has the main settings screens (but not all screens) converted to English.
  • OKey is an OS extension for selecting a control on a form by Keyboard or jog dial. For example, it lets you use the jog dial to press the [OK] button or to select a category from a pop-up list. It enhances applications that were not specifically designed with this capability. It is freeware.
  • KeepWide is an OS extension that remembers the silkscreen status for each application and restores it to its previous state. This application works with OS 5 CLIE's, such as the NX, UX, and TH series.
  • Sony CLIE Movie Recorder - The older Sony versions from the NX-series are said to work on the TH55. Unless you own a prior-model Sony we don't condone this, but if you do then you can get the file from here.
  • Sony CLIE World Alarm Clock - The older Sony version of this is said to work on TH55's as well.
  • More CLIE Software Essentials are listed here.
  • More OS 5 Software Essentials are listed here.
  • Browse ALL PalmZone.net Software Essentials here.

TH55 Skins

The TH55 can be "skinned" in a number of ways, from launchers to the Virtual Graffiti area to the status bar. Please see the thread Skinning your TH55? in our Sony TH55 Forum for details on skinning software and where to get skins.

TH55 Tips

  • Wi-Fi Hotsync - Wi-Fi Hotsync is covered on our Hotsync Tips page.
  • BlueTooth Hotsync - If you are lucky enough to have a Euoropean version of the TH55 with Bluetooth, you may want to check out our Bluetooth Info page.
  • Use Wave Files - You can use the Windows Sound Recorder on the PC to save desktop wave files (.wav) as IMA ADPCM, 22 kHz (or 8 kHz for lower quality, smaller files), 4-bit, Mono and the CLIE Voice Recorder app will play them. You can then use the TH55 Sound Recorder to convert these wave files into Alarms that can be used in the CO Datebook and Free Notes.
  • Quickly Change between Graffiti2 and Decuma - If you swipe your stylus from the Input Select Icon to the right across the status bar, the input method will switch to the next one.
  • Playing CLIE Movie Recorder Movies on your PC - The CLIE Movie Recorder records in standard .mov (Quicktime) format, but for some reason it puts a .mqv extension on them. To play these files on your PC, all you need to do is rename the extension to .mov. Alternately, you can tell Windows to always use Quicktime to open .mqv files by right-clicking on the file, selecting "Open With" and then using "Choose Program".

More Tips

  • General Tips - General Palm-related tips, such as shortcuts for adding items, etc.
  • Screen Tips - Recommendations on screen protectors and styli and instructions on how to solve common screen problems.
  • Memory Card Tips - Palm memory and storage cards tips as well as 3rd-party memory card applications.
  • Power Management Tips - Battery life and charging tips as well as tips on conserving battery power.
  • PIM Tips - Tips for using the built-in Personal Information Management (PIM) applications, such as Datebook/Calendar and To-Do's/Tasks. Third-Party PIM Software is covered here.

TH55 Accessories

The TH55 stylus is compatible with all these models: UX50/40, NX80V/73V, TJ37.

Most of the recent CLIE's, including the TH55, use the same Hotsync port. The full Sony Accessory Compatibility Guide is here.

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