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The My Handheld Pages are designed to provide access to all of the relevant PalmZone.net content for your particular handheld. They act as a site index of sorts to quickly point you to the information that is most relevant to you.

They include recent news, recent forum posts, essential software, patches and updates, and related links and information. Best of all, there is a My Handheld page for ALL Palm Powered PDA's, smartphones, and specialized devices.

Here is just a sampling of the PalmZone.net My Handheld pages:

Palm OS PDA Guides

The Palm OS Model Guide is organized into the following categories:

  • Current PDA's - All currently available and announced PDA's, excluding smartphones and specialized models (industrialized PDA's, etc.) which are listed below. This includes models, such as palmOne Tungsten T Series, Tungsten E, Zire 71, Zire 21, Sony UX Series, NX Series, and Garmin iQue. These models are generally more powerful and easily able to handle quality audio and video playback.
  • Current Smartphones - All currently available smartphones capable of both voice and data. Includes both newer Garnet models (OS 5) and older models (OS 4) from all manufacturers, such as Treo's, Samsung, and Kyocera.
  • Current Specialized Models - All other models, including "specialty" devices, such as laptop replacements and industrial devices.
  • All Models - List of all PDA's and smartphones whether currently available or not.

More Handheld Information

  • How-To Guides & Tips - This is a whole section with tons of useful information on wireless connectivity, Hotsync, memory card usage, battery/power management, screen protectors & styli, and much more.
  • Windows Mobile Smartphones - Useful information about the Treo 700w and Windows Mobile operating system.
  • Palm Garnet (OS 5) Info - Useful information about PalmSource's latest version, Palm Garnet (OS 5).
  • Palm Cobalt (OS 6) Info - All the available information about the upcoming Palm OS 6.

Submit Additional Info

If you have any additional useful information about various Palm-powered devices, operating systems, or any other useful Palm-related information, PalmZone.net would love to hear about it! Please use our Feedback Form to share your ideas.

Home | My Handheld Home | PDA Guide | Buying Tips | How-To's

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Published on: 2006-07-04 (74044 reads)
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