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My LifeDrive Page  (51674 Views)

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Released: May 18th 2005
Alias: MobileManager, Mobile Manager
Rated by: tim_palmzone

With a 4 GB(1) hard drive and built-in Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® wireless support, the LifeDrive™ mobile manager from palmOne lets you easily carry all the essentials of your busy life. Files and folders from your desktop computer, 300 songs, 2.5 hours of video, 1000 vacation photos, and more are right there with you. Even files you may have left behind are within easy reach with WiFile software,2 whether you're in the airport lounge or a hallway between meetings.

With support for POP, IMAP and built-in Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync,®(3) you can stay on top of email at your Wi-Fi enabled office, home or any the thousands of hotspots.(4) You can even download important web pages and view them later offline. Plus, an onboard voice recorder, MP3 player, and photo viewer keep your precious few moments of free time both interesting and productive.

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