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Palm Treo 700w Full Review (Clie UK)
MobileTechReview have posted a 'full review' of the Treo 700w. It makes for quality reading- "The Treo 700w was announced at CES in Las Vegas by Verizon Wireless and Palm on Jan. 4th, 2006 and the phone is available in Verizon stores beginning Jan. 5th. It costs $499 with a two year contract and you'll get $100 off if you get both a voice plan costing $39.99 or more and Verizon's unlimited data plan ($40 to $45/month). Verizon's data plan entitles...
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
Acedior for everyone! (Clie UK)
From Alexandre- "Finally! A new version of Acedior has been updated on all sales websites containing a special launcher that fix the infamous bugs on Lifedrive , TX and E2 devices! Now every palm OS user can play acedior;) New versions are available at clickgamer,palmgear and handango. There is a new ZODIAC version available in french German and english on clickgamer! On the Pocket PC front, there is a huge detailed walkthrough with the maps of...
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
A free copy of VoiceDialIt twice a week for 8 weeks! (Clie UK)
Dial safely and securely from your Treo Smartphone no matter where you are! VoiceDialIt™ 1.1.0 is the best selling premier voice dialing application for the Treo™ 600 and Treo™ 650 smartphone. This simple-to-use application allows you to dial your existing contacts with ease by simply stating their name. Within minutes you can train contacts and start dialing with your voice. Includes New Voice Recognition Engine and Auto-Update Feature...
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
Where did I go from there? (or Where do I go from here II) (Clie UK)
Surprisingly, this is the second part of my one part PDA Thought. Having been drawn to the Treo650 last week, I've done a lot of thinking in the meantime and realised that while that might allow me to carry fewer devices about with me, it doesn't address what I want to do with my PDA in the most cost effective way. A new TX on the other hand... This all started off as a 'What should I buy so as to carry less devices about with me?' exploration and...
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
mySkin / LapTopHack (Clie UK)
mySkin for T3, T5, TX and LifeDrive 2.00 has been released (thanks to Gavin)- "Spruce up your Palm T3, T5, TX or LifeDrive! mySkin! is an instant Graffiti writing area and statusbar (DIA) skin loader and manager for the Palm Tungsten T3, T5, T|X and LifeDrive. A Sony Clie NR/NX/NZ/TH/UX version is also available here." Version 2.00: Put photos from your PDA's memory or SDA card right into the input area (T5, T|X and LifeDrive only). Added beautiful...
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
Court blow for Blackberry maker (Clie UK)
According to the BBCi, Blackberry's attempt to appeal has been dismissed: " Blackberry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) has suffered a court setback in a long-running patent row that could lead to it shutting down its US operations. The US Supreme Court has refused to hear the Canadian-based group's appeal against a patent infringement ruling. This ruling found that RIM infringed on patents held by NTP, a small technology firm from Virginia....
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
PDA Essentials magazine finished? (Clie UK)
Steve posted this at All About Symbian (thanks to TonyK)- "The publishers of PDA Essentials magazine, the most Symbian-friendly of the newstand titles, have gone bankrupt and have started having their titles and assets snapped up. The future of PDAE is apparently in the hands of something called "Brush Colour". Anyone able to fill in more details of this story? On a personal note, Highbury owed each of their freelancers (including me) thousands...
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
VideoHound 3.0.1 (Clie UK)
From Kenny- "This is not documented anywhere and if you download the latest REX 2006 (Review Expansion Library) you will find VideoHound 3.0.1 included and this version has a cool slideshow feature that plays all your movie pictures. Even PalmGear only shows VideoHound 2.4, so I guess this is not officially released yet. Nice :)" REX is a high-powered add-on for the VideoHound Movie Manager system. The basic VideoHound contains reviews for four...
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
The Egg (Clie UK)
The Egg: "It looked like a perfectly ordinary chicken egg, just like the others in the carton. There was only one difference. This egg couldn’t be broken. Becky wanted to throw it away. Carl decided to keep it and try to find out what it was made of. But then the egg began changing. And changing."
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
Go Digial (Clie UK)
The latest Go Digital podcast is now available- "This week will Intel chips affect the individuality of Macs? Solutions for bridging the digital divide and distributive computing to protect the Great Barrier Reef."
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
Abalinio on special offer (Clie UK)
Abalinio is on special offer in the 247 store (closes today)- "Abalinio is based on one of the old African Mancala games which have been around for hundreds of years. The name Abalinio is derived of the Spanish Abalón (Pearl)."
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
FingerScan (Clie UK)
You will either think FingerScan is cool or stupid dependant on your age I guess:) "FingerScan is an enhanced version of our FingerLOCK ADV product. It is simple, yet sophisticated application that lets you turn your Palm into hi-tech looking device, mimicking the appearance of expensive fingerprint scanners. Who is it for, and how does it actually work? Before directly answering the question above, there is a single thing you should ask yourself...
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
pilot-qof (Clie UK)
pilot-qof is news at PalmOpenSource (absolutely no idea what it does though...)- "An application interface between pilot-link and QOF - the Query Object Framework. It supports writing palm data to QSF XML offline storage and running SQL-type queries on the live data or XML file. GPL (v 0.0.7)"
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
VoieDialIt entries (Clie UK)
The first entry for the VoiceDialIt competition is a GOOD one from Cary- "Hi, I would like to VoiceDialIt from Nashville, TN – I’m in front of the Parthenon, a full-scale replica of the Athens Greece original located in Centennial Park, Nashville's urban park.”
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
Palm Protection Plan Plus for $24.99 (Clie UK)
From Chris- "Here is an excellent offer I have updated at the store, http://www.cmadras.com/home/Palmstore/Palmspecials.htm. Buyers for Palm PDAs can extend the warranty from Palm for an additional one year. The price is $24.99 for one year (Previous price $49). PalmOne Protection Plan Plus - extended service agreement - 1 year - P10950U. This is a limited time offer."
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
Which mobile device companies get it? (Clie UK)
Which mobile device companies get it? is an excellent new article from Mobile Opportunity- "PDA 24/7 just ran an interview with me. In one of my answers, I talked about which device companies "get it" – which ones understand how to make a truly effective smart mobile solution. Looking back at my answer, I realized I had left out a couple of companies. I want to correct that oversight. Before I list the companies, I should explain what I mean...
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
Winner of Trip Boss Birthday Contest Announced (Clie UK)
Bartlett, IL; London, UK; and Manchester, UK-- Creative Algorithms, developer of the best-selling Trip Boss travel manager; in conjunction with PDA247, a leading site for PDA news, reviews, forums, and opinion; and Palm Addict, a one stop site for all things Palm; are pleased to announce Randy Jones as the winner of the Trip Boss Birthday Contest. Randy has chosen a Dell Axim X51v, along with some accessories, as his prize. The contest entries are...
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
Chain Reaction (new game for 247 Club members) (Clie UK)
Chain Reaction is a Palm OS game from PDA247 which we want to test out on 247 Club members. This is a Beta so make sure you back up your device first. It's a simple but addictive creation and will get you straining your eyes as much as Escape did. Just go to the members area of the forum and follow the download link. Would be interested to know how it works in StyleTap on WndowsMobile as well. Club members can expect more soon... Details of...
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
Cingular Denies Treo Is a Smartphone (Clie UK)
Cingular Denies Treo Is a Smartphone is new at Yahoo- "Is Palm's Treo device a smartphone? Not according to U.S. wireless carrier Cingular, which says the wireless device is a PDA. But do consumers really care? In a posting on a ZDNet blog about the launch of a Microsoft Windows Mobile smartphone by Cingular, John Kampfe, director of media and industry analyst relations at Cingular, said that the Treo 700w handheld device is not a smartphone but...
Tuesday, 18 January 2005
Palm OS Driver Released for Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard (Brighthand)
Many months after the Windows Mobile and Symbian drivers were released, Think Outside has released software that allows many Palm OS handhelds to use its Bluetooth keyboard.
Saturday, 15 January 2005
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