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Wireless Modems

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Wireless Modems

The future of the Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) network is not bright. CDPD is a data over voice network that is limited to 19.2K max transmission speed. This technology is basically being phased out and replaced with higher-speed "3G" networks such as CDMA-2000 and GPRS. No add-on modems currently exist for these higher-speed networks. Instead, the modem technology is being built directly into cell phones and PDA's, such as the Handspring TREO's and Palm Tungsten W (see our Smartphone page for more details).

There is currently only a single manufacturer of CDPD wireless modems for Palm devices. Novatel Wireless makes them for the Palm m5XX, Handspring Visor, Palm V/Vx, and Palm III only. The good news, however, if you have one of these older devices is that you get these modems on eBay for a few dollars.

Wireless ISP's

Omnisky was a CDPD provider that offered cheap or free modems and unlimited data access for $35-$40 per month. They were bought out by Earthlink in Dec 2001, but have now announced they will not be providing service to PDA users anymore. Instead they are switching to a CDMA-2000 high-speed network (up to 144Kbps) and dropping PDA support.

Since Earthlink stopped providing Wireless Internet Service for Palm's, the only remaining options are from the major ISP's like AT&T; and Verizon. These services are not cheap, though, as they charge by the Megabyte. Earthlink used to provide unlimited access for $35-$40 per month.

Earthlink/OmniSky Information (Service Now Obsolete)

The Omnisky service is what we have used. They were bought out by Earthlink and the original service has been replaced with the Earthlink 1.0 wireless applications. They have now announced this service will be discontinued soon! We highly recommend using at least an 8MB device so you have enough memory for the applications you'll want. This setup is actually better than the Palm i705 in some ways because you can unclip the modem when you don't need it and keep your Palm as thin and small as possible for carrying around in your pocket. It also supports the full TCP/IP protocol. This means you can run any standard internet program. The service also runs at 19.2k compared to Palm.net's 9.6k.

If you are curious about the files involved, we have posted the Earthlink 1.0 File List. If you have the old OmniSky service and are curious about the files it installed, check out our OmniSky 2.0 File List page.

If you are running Earthlink on an older Palm or Handspring prior to Palm OS 4.0 and want support for web clipping applications, then you need to download and install these web_clipping_os3.3 files and you should be back up and running palm query applications in no time!

If you want to use the Earthlink service only for their wireless internet connection without using their software, you can do it. You first need to install the Minstrel application from either the Earthlink CD or download it directly from Novatel's website. Then you need to call customer service and tell them that you have a Reg 3 or Reg 4 error and you need your IP address reset. Have them give you the correct primary and seconday DNS server and IP addresses as well.

Wireless & Internet Software

For wireless and internet-related software, check out our Wireless Software page. It lists email and news software, web browsers, and chat/instant messaging software.

Mobile Content

Check out our Wireless Home page for mobile-friendly content from PalmZone.net and others.

Home | Wireless Home | Wi-Fi | Bluetooth | Smartphones | Wireless Software

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Published on: 2006-07-04 (13088 reads)
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