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Omnisky v2.0 Files

OmniSky Files
PalmV/Vx Minstrel V Version 2.0 Rev B.

• Core OmniSky Service Programs & Data:
Minstrel appl rfdg (Diagnostics & Modem Config)
*OSkyPrefs panl OSpr
OsActivator appm OSac (Needed by Macintosh users only)

• Core OneTouch Mail Program Files:
OSMail appl Jp42
OSkyMainPlugin Weas OSKW
OSkyAcctPlugin Wact OSKW
OSkyOtPlugin P80P Jp42
OSkyMsgs libr OSmg
*AimUtils libr AEul
*AimTransport libr AEtl
*AimPlugin libr AEpl

• Core OneTouch Mail Data Files (may vary by user):
OTDefServersDB Svdb Jp42 (For mail servers)
OSkyOtFilter-P95P P95P Jp42 (For e-mail filters)
OSkyOtFilter-P95P P95P Jp42 (For e-mail filters)
OSkyOtCmd-P92P P92P Jp42 (For ??)
OSkyOtCmd-P92P P92P Jp42 (For ??)
OSkyOtAcct-P91P P91P Jp42 (For e-mail accounts)
OSkyOtAcct-P91P P91P Jp42 (For e-mail accounts)
OTPreferencesDB Opdb Jp42 (For e-mail preferences)
OTMessagesDB Data Jp42 (E-mail message data)

• OneTouch Mail Attachment Programs (For e-mail attachments only - can be deleted):
VprcpdbPlug Q40Q Jp42
VmemoPlug Q30Q Jp42
VtodoPlug Q20Q Jp42
VcalPlug Q10Q Jp42
VCardPlug Q00Q Jp42

• Core OmniSky Menu Programs:
OmniSky appl OSap
?OSIPCode Data OSap (for ??)
OsWebAPI appl W2GO (turns web clipper into browser)

• Core OmniSky Menu Data:
OsBookmarkDB-OSap DATA OSap

• Additional OmniSky Menu Programs & Data:
OsDirectory appl OSdi (shows as "Untitled" in app launcher Delete function - can be deleted if desired)

• Scout Sync Programs & Data (Needed only for Scout Sync - can be deleted)
*Scout appl SCT0
ServerSyncDB DATA SCT0
ServerSyncLog DATA SCT0
ServerNotifyDB DATA SCT0

• Core Palm Web Clipping Programs (Needed for web clipping):
*Web Library libr webl
*Security Library libr secl
*INet Library libr inet
*Clipper appl clpr

• OmniSky Auto-installed PQA's (Can delete if not needed):
bn.pqa pqa clpo
buy.pqa pqa clpo
Camdens.pqa pqa clpo
etrade.pqa pqa clpo
Fidelity.pqa pqa clpo
Mercata.pqa pqa clpo
Moviefone.pqa pqa clpo
ShopSnaz.pqa pqa clpo
support.pqa pqa clpo (O/S support)
Yodlee2Go.pqa pqa clpo
Ameritrade.pqa pqa clpo
DLJdirect.pqa pqa clpo
?os-img.pqa pqa clpo (for ??)

* Denotes files placed in Flash ROM

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Published on: 2006-07-04 (10576 reads)
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