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palmOne Tungsten T5  (74734 Views)

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Released: October 4th 2004
Alias: T5, TT5, T|T5
Rated by: tim_palmzone

palmOne's newest high-end PDA is the Tungsten T5. It comes with some nice features:

  • 256 MB total memory. This includes 55 MB of non-volatile RAM as well as a 160 MB of flash memory that acts like a memory card (the rest is used by the OS itself).
  • 320 x 480 high-resolution screen in a traditional slate form-factor (no slider)
  • Built-in Bluetooth like the previous Tungsten T-series models.
  • Can be used as a USB Flash Drive on any PC without installing any Palm software on that PC.
  • Fast 416 Mhz Intel Xscale processor
However, it does NOT have some features that users have become accustomed to on the Tungsten T3 or had wished would be included in the T5:
  • No built-in 802.11 Wi-Fi (Bluetooth only)
  • No vibrating alarm
  • No LED alarm/charging indicator
  • No voice recorder
  • No desktop cradle included (available separately)

See our article palmOne Announces the Tungsten T5 for more information, including our mini-review of it. Be sure to also check out our My Tungsten T5 page for tips, software, and more useful information.

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Detailed Product Specifications

Dimensions (H,W,T)121 x 78 x 15.5 mm / 4.8 x 3.1 x 0.6 in.
Weight144 g / 5.1 oz
First Released2004/10/04
Data EntryGraffiti
ProcessorPXA270 416MHz
Other Featuresworks as USB memory drive
Screen Resolution (H,W) in pixels320 x 480
Screen Dimensions (H,W)54 x 80 mm / 2.1 x 3.1 in.
Colour Depth65536
Virtual Graffiti AreaYes
Screen ControlsBrightness
LightingBack Light
Visibility Outdoorsmedium
Visibility Indoorsgood
Visibility in Darkgood
Overall Screen Appearance (subjective opinion)Bright
Memory / OS
Internal Memory RAM (MB)64
External Memory OptionsSD/MMC
Flash ROM (MB)192 (upgradeable OS)
Available for user programs (MB)160
Memory Upgradenon volatile ram
Original OS5.4
OS can be upgraded to
Power and Interfaces
Battery TypeLi-ion polymer 1300mAH (rechargeable)
Battery Life with normal use5 days
Connector TypeMulti Connector (USB)
Remote CommunicationsBluetooth
Phone, Modem Communications
Internal Phone-
Internal Modem-
Internet Access and browser
SMS Software
Other Software
Multimedia (Audio and Video)
Built-in Multimedia FunctionsMP3

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palmOne Tungsten T5
Posted by Guest on 2006-12-03 16:57:50
My Score:

nothing but problems with this plam

palmOne Tungsten T5
Posted by bluefish on 2005-12-14 09:55:48
My Score:

Best PDA I ever owned. Since the update I have come to love it more than my beloved T3.
I use it more than ever and for more entertainment thanks to better battery.

palmOne Tungsten T5
Posted by Guest on 2005-07-02 05:12:16
My Score:

I wouldn't recommend CIC Jot as a Graffiti1 replacement because it is not being sold directly to consumers and the following, from CIC's website:

What are known problems with Jot on the PalmOne Tungsten T5 device?

Jot does not work in the Graffiti2 input panel. Jot only works when you are in full-screen mode.
Jot does not work with Doc/Word-to-go 6.008 and above.

What are known problems with WordComplete on the PalmOne Tungsten T5 device?

WordComplete causes a soft reset in the Blazer browser when you tap on the word list.
Word list does not scrolled properly with the 5-way navigation.
Word list does not pop up properly if the second letter is followed by an "o" or an "i." This occurs when using Graffiiti2 with WordComplete, not with Jot. To resolve this problem, you can use Jot with WordComplete.

palmOne Tungsten T5
Posted by Guest on 2005-05-31 22:24:53
My Score:

I bought my T5 just sixmonths ago and was working fine (other than occasional resets caused by new software I installed) till just a few days ago it just DIED ! I could not reset using all the methods including the one that requires us be a contortionist ! Absolutely no light at all just when I needed it most - in the hospital !!! This is my second Palm. Now I'm wondering if I should stick to my smart cell-phone !

palmOne Tungsten T5
Posted by Guest on 2005-04-26 20:11:41
My Score:

The software is *very* buggy, compared to TE. The screen is much *darker* compared to TE. The unit is heavier than TE.

palmOne Tungsten T5
Posted by Guest on 2005-04-11 18:19:05
My Score:

I have used many Palm devices in the past (Palm III, IIIx, IIIxe, V, Vx, T3), but the T5 is my favorite. It has a big, beautiful screen and I really like the Portrait/Landscape display option. I had no problem setting up VersaMail - I sync 2 separate accounts with no prob. Drive Mode is pretty cool too. And one last thing: NVRAM is wonderful - no worries about losing everything when the battery dies!

palmOne Tungsten T5
Posted by Guest on 2005-03-30 22:55:49
My Score:

Versamail is unreliable. I am going to wear the reset button out before anything else. I had a Palm III for years with few issues. I have stopped using versamail and still have lockups with no 3rd party applications (I wouldn't even try it). The handwriting recognition is worse than my old palm and the screen writing produces an illegible scribble (try it in the store - the sample message displayed is a joke).
This is a very poor quality device. The lack of a cradle make the connection difficult and unreliable as well. I have used it for 4 months and will probably get rid of it.

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